A little about us

Plastic Tears is a rock band from Helsinki with a sleazy dark glam punk rock 'n' roll attitude.
The band mixes classic rock with pop, punk, hard rock and glam elements for a unique sound.

Plastic Tears career has been colorful. The band history includes break-ups, several lineups, record company changes and drama enough for a soap opera. The bands musical influences come from classic rock and punk, not to forget 70's glam rock.

The lineup has seen some changes through the years. Today Plastic Tears is lead vocalist Miqu December, drummer Eco Xtasy, bassist Edu Kettunen, guitarists Andy Whitewine and Juha Pietiläinen.

Third and latest album Angels With Attitude was released 1st of June 2018 through German City of Lights Records. The album made an impression on fans and critics alike, and gathered great reviews around the world.​

Plastic Tears are currently recording their fourth album, stay tuned!